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Do you know what plant-based trace minerals are and why they're essential?

These minerals are called essential minerals because they're required for healthy living. But most of us don't get enough of them from our raw food diet. That's where plant-based trace mineral drops come in – they provide a convenient way to ensure you're obtaining the minerals your body needs.

Not all plant-derived minerals are created equal, though. That's why we have researched for you and found the best trace mineral drops on the market today.

Keep reading to learn more about them and find the perfect one for you.

How We Choose Trace Mineral Drops On Our List

With many "healthy" alternatives on the market, it's challenging to figure out which ones are worth your money.

We're here to assist you. We've spent years talking with medical professional teams and company owners about trace mineral drops they offer. We've spoken with several doctors and dentists to get recommendations for the most incredible healthy meals on the market.

We scoured through hundreds of reviews and questions about these trace mineral drops so that we could deliver you the most incredible options based on all of our research.

* We do independent research/study, and all opinions are our own. However, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made through links on our site. We would love it if you could support our efforts.

Our Top Picks For You

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#1 - Morter Trace Minerals

Morter Trace Minerals

What We Love About It

Looking for a naturopathic way to improve your health and well-being?

Check out Morter Trace Minerals, a natural supplement containing more than 70 plant-derived soluble minerals & trace elements and 18 amino acids.

Unlike other supplements on the market, Morter Trace Minerals are never treated by heat. This means that they possess naturally occurring minerals. In addition, the colloidal minerals liquid ensures that each drop contains even amounts of trace minerals, trace elements & amino acids.

Morter Trace Minerals is an easy way to improve overall health with many health benefits!

A Few Facts About It

Its serving size is 0.5ml (10 drops) and contains 60 servings per container.

This 100% natural dietary supplement is:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free

These soluble minerals can be used for internal and topical use, making it easy for you to get the required nutrients from the complete mineral supplement.

#2 - Trace Minerals Research Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops

Trace Minerals Research Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops

What We Love About It

Looking for a method to naturally restore your pH balance and regulate your body's vital functions? Try Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops from Trace Minerals Research.

Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops are packed with minerals essential for good health, including magnesium, chloride, and zinc.

These trace minerals research drops, made by a proprietary harvesting process, can help improve cell function and electrical stability, assist in synthesizing healthy hormones and neurotransmitters, and provide many other health benefits.

Magnesium and chloride, two significant minerals in these drops, can help maintain healthy energy levels.

Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops are the best option if you want a natural way to feel your best.

A Few Facts About It

Its serving size is a half teaspoon ( about 40 drops) and has 48 servings per container.

This liquid supplement is a cGMP-certified gluten-free product. Their company is the only one that chooses to harvest their trace minerals without resorting to any heavy machinery or chemicals. Instead, they collect it over time through natural evaporation from the great salt lake water.

This assures the best quality for the Trace Minerals Research drops.

#3 - Khroma Herbal Products Organic Trace Minerals

Khroma Herbal Products Organic Trace Minerals

What We Love About It

Looking for a supplement that will assist you in maintaining optimum health? Look no further than Khroma Herbal Products' Organic Trace Minerals.

These naturally powerful health supplements have bioavailable ionic trace minerals, meaning your body recognizes and absorbs them quickly. You'll get all the benefits of vitamins A, B Complex, C, E, and even some vitamin D, without any drawbacks of synthetic supplements.

Their ionic trace minerals blend is an organic way to obtain essential nutrients. This product is a natural, carefully blended high source of ionic trace minerals. These important trace minerals include boron, calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium selenium, silicon sodium strontium, and zinc.

Acquire all the minerals your body needs to perform at its best with Khroma Herbal Products' Organic Trace Minerals.

A Few Facts About It

Its serving size is 30 drops and contains 30 servings per container.

Other ingredients include:

  • Organic vegetable glycerine
  • Distilled water
  • Citric acid
  • Fulvic acid supplemented

Khroma's formulas are NON-GMO, 100% Vegan, gluten-free, and packaged in glass bottles; you can be certain you're getting the premium ingredients nature has to offer.

#4 - Trace Mineral Drops by LyteTrace

Trace Mineral Drops by LyteTrace

What We Love About It

Are you wondering how to add trace minerals to your everyday filtered drinking water? Look no further than LyteTrace!

Their natural, proprietary solar concentration process takes an average of 2 years to create an ionic, sodium-free, trace mineral-replenishing liquid concentrate that is genuinely recognized as safe (GRAS) and 3rd Party Tested. They collect the water from the great salt lake.

The benefits of consuming this product include:

  • Production of cellular energy
  • Body's entire electrical system
  • Muscle contraction
  • Bone mineral density
  • Regulation of vascular tone

LyteTrace, one of the most assimilable magnesium supplements, contains 79 verified elements, including minerals and trace minerals, enhanced complex, making it the perfect way to ensure you get the nutrients you need daily.

A Few Facts About It

Its serving size is 0.5ml and contains 200 servings per container.

To make an isotonic beverage that adds essential minerals to the water, add one serving of LyteTrace to 32 oz. of water. These supplements maintain pH balance.

Apart from water, LyteTrace can also be added to beverages such as smoothies, tea, and carbonated drinks. You can add it to raw foods, baths, shampoo, bar soap, vegetable gardens, brewing, your pet's water, and more to avoid the concentrated mineral flavor.

#5 - Anderson's Sea M.D. Concentrated Trace Mineral Drops

Anderson's Sea M.D. Concentrated Trace Mineral Drops

What We Love About It

If you want an all-natural way to improve your overall health and well-being, try Anderson's Sea M.D. Concentrated Trace Mineral Drops.

This unique ionic and electrolyte-rich formula is packed with magnesium, delivering a full spectrum of naturally occurring elements that help the body return to optimum levels of minerals and trace elements.

Many users have reported relief after taking Sea MD minerals, making it a popular choice for those seeking alternative wellness methods.

Whether you're looking to support bone and joint health, improve cardiovascular health, reduce muscle cramps and soreness, or regulate mood and sleep patterns, Anderson's Sea M.D. Concentrated Trace Mineral Drops can help you achieve your goals!

A Few Facts About It

Its serving size is 2ml and contains 60 servings per container.

This colloidal minerals supplement is non-GMO, gluten-free, with no organic food additive added, vegan, Kosher, suitable for the Halal diet, GRAS designated, and safe from heavy metals.

Replenish your body by using the calibrated glass dropper to measure 1-2mL daily into your drinking water to get a fresh spring water taste.

#6 - Peak Performance Trace Minerals Liquid Drops

Peak Performance Trace Minerals Liquid Dropp

What We Love About It

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations! Peak Performance Trace Minerals Liquid Drops are the real deal made by a proprietary harvesting process packed with 72 trace minerals and 12% fulvic acid.

From plant deposits and sea bed sources, these organic minerals are essential for anyone looking to perform at their best mentally and physically.

Whether you're an athlete, busy professional, mom on the go, or health-conscious individual, this fulvic minerals supplement is precisely what you need to stay on top of your game and to assist you in eliminating unwanted calcium deposits from your body.

Give yourself the nourishment you deserve with Peak Performance Trace Minerals Liquid Drops.

A Few Facts About It

Its serving size is 2.5ml (40 drops) and contains 90 servings per container.

The ingredients of this dietary supplement are carefully chosen, and 3rd Party tested for purity. It is a gluten-free product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trace Mineral Drops

People have a lot of questions when it comes to finding the right trace mineral drops.

They want to know if they should take one, which brands are worth trying out, and what will happen if someone combines two different types or doses in one day.

We break down all your top concerns so you can get an answer as soon as possible!

What Are The Best Trace Mineral Drops?

There are a lot of different plant-based trace mineral drops on the market, but which ones are the best?

Here are six of the best plant-based trace mineral drops that you can take to improve your health:

Are Trace Mineral Drops Worth It?

Multiple brands of plant-based trace mineral drops are out there; they all claim to have tremendous benefits. But are they worth it?

Absolutely! Trace mineral drops are an easy and convenient way to replenish your body with the minerals it needs. A few daily drops can make a big difference in your overall health.

A high-potency electrolyte supplement is essential for many different functions in the body, including metabolism, immunity, and detoxification. When you're lacking essential minerals, you can experience fatigue, muscle cramps, weakness, and severe mineral imbalance. Trace minerals can help prevent these problems and keep your body functioning optimally.

Many different liquid minerals are beneficial for the body, so it's crucial to choose a supplement with a variety of them. Acquire the product that contains at several minerals, fulvic acid, and is produced naturally.

Do I Need to Take Ionic Trace Minerals Every Day?

Unfortunately, most commercially grown food contains less than 25% of the minimum requirement for these balancing soluble minerals. Poor farming techniques make our raw food diet ineffective.

Therefore, you need to take plant-based ionic trace minerals daily, as they help provide your body with the essential elements to function correctly.

Concentrated trace minerals are important for various bodily processes, including metabolism, cell growth and repair, nerve function, and more. Trace mineral deficiencies can lead to health problems such as fatigue, muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, etc.

The best way to ensure that you acquire the trace essential elements your body needs is to take a quality mineral supplement.

These drops contain a broad spectrum of minerals in an easily absorbable form, so they are perfect for people who don't eat a lot of fruits and vegetables or live in areas with poor soil quality.

Can I Take Two Different Types of Trace Mineral Drops in One Day?

Yes, you can take two types of trace mineral drops in one day, but it's important to be careful about the dosages.

Some minerals can interact with each other and cause non-life threatening side effects if they are taken too high of a dose. For instance, acquiring too much iron can cause constipation.

It's always good practice to consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner before making major changes in your lifestyle.

Do Trace Mineral Drops Have Any Side Effects?

No, trace mineral drops are a natural and healthy way to get the minerals the human body needs.

Minerals like zinc and magnesium are essential for good health, but our diets often don't provide enough. That's where trace minerals, including liquid magnesium, come in. They offer a convenient way to get your body's minerals without eating many different foods.

They're also excellent for supporting your health during stress or illness. And because they're absorbed quickly and easily, they're perfect for people who have trouble digesting other types of supplements.

So no, trace mineral drops have no known side effects. They're a safe and healthy way to get the minerals you require.

Are Trace Mineral Drops Safe For Pregnant Women?

Yes, trace mineral drops are safe for pregnant women. Pregnant women need higher levels of certain minerals, such as iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Trace mineral drops can help you get the minerals you need without taking multiple supplements. Trace minerals play an important role to maintain optimum health.

Liquid trace minerals can help pregnant women meet their daily needs for essential minerals, and they are a safe and effective way to supplement your diet.

It's always good practice to consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner when making lifestyle changes while pregnant.

Can Trace Minerals Lower Blood Pressure?

There is some evidence that trace minerals may help to lower blood pressure. For example, a study published in the journal "Hypertension" found that people who took daily potassium and ionic electrolyte magnesium supplements lowered blood pressure more than those who didn't.

An ionic electrolyte magnesium supplement is involved in many essential bodily functions.

While more research is required to predict whether trace minerals can definitively help to lower blood pressure, it's certainly possible that they may be beneficial. If you're interested in trying trace minerals as a way to potentially lower your blood pressure, speak with your trusted healthcare practitioner.

Can Trace Minerals Make You Sleepy?

Trace minerals can affect your sleep patterns in a few different ways.

First, they play a role in how well your body produces energy. If you're not acquiring enough of certain minerals, like iron or magnesium, it can lead to feelings of fatigue and make it harder to stay awake during the day.

Secondly, minerals are essential for nerve function, and imbalances can lead to neurological conditions that cause sleep problems.

Lastly, trace minerals help regulate hormone levels, and imbalances can disrupt standard sleep patterns. So, while trace minerals don't make you sleepy, a lack of them can contribute to tiredness and difficulty sleeping.

If you're having trouble sleeping, a deficiency in trace minerals could be a contributing factor.

Can Trace Minerals Improve Thyroid Function?

Yes, trace minerals like iodine and selenium are essential for thyroid health. Iodine is necessary to produce thyroid hormones, and selenium helps convert T4 to the more active form, T3.

Many people don't get enough iodine or selenium from their diet, leading to a deficiency in these minerals and an underactive thyroid.

Supplementing with trace minerals can help to improve thyroid function and alleviate some of the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism.

If you believe you may have a thyroid problem, trace mineral supplementation may be what you're missing.

Will These Supplements Fulfill All The Trace Mineral Needs?

Yes, a good-quality supplement containing all of the essential trace minerals will help ensure that you acquire all the nutrients you need.

Trace minerals are important for many bodily functions, including proper metabolism and energy production. Getting enough of these essential nutrients can help improve your overall health and well-being.

The Best Trace Mineral Drops For You

Getting all the minerals your body needs from food can be challenging, which is why many people turn to supplements. If you're looking for a good trace mineral supplement, we recommend trying one of our top picks, which are enlisted below:

Not only are they high quality and effective, but they also come with a variety of benefits that can assist in boosting your overall health.

So what are you waiting for? Get your trace minerals now and start feeling great!